Character Development

The CHAMP Board of Directors formed a new initiative, or plan of action in 2016.  This initiative focuses on the specified character development needs of an organization or school. Three different athletic entities decided to develop a character development program with the fostering of CHAMP. Read More About CHAMP

As an official, it’s important that I see athletes who play with a positive attitude towards other teams, their teammates and officials and coaches. I’ve watched this team play a number of times. All the players do an exceptional job of not only exuding good sportsmanship when winning, but also when down in the score!
— Local Sports Official

Breakfast of Champions 

Each year CHAMP hosts our annual Breakfast of Champions event. This event serves multiple purposes, the first is that it gives us a chance to publicly honor and award coaches and athletes who have shown great character traits in their particular sport. We feel honoring these individuals is an important part of what we do. In addition we choose multiple high school seniors to award with a scholarship to be used for their secondary education.

Sports Character Development Curriculum & Resources

The sports organizations that CHAMP has worked with have many different needs in regards to the curriculum or programs they use to implement a character development culture. Our desire is to connect each organization we help in developing their own character development culture and find the right program and curriculum for them.