Past Heart of a Champion Scholarship Award Winners

2009 - Kelly Rappe (PHS) and Chris O’Grady (RMHS)

2010 - Michelle Jordan (FCHS) and Chris Feller (RMHS)

2011 - Christina Burck (PHS) and Chris Hanson (FRHS)

2012 - Maggie Mawhinney (PHS) and C.J. Rithner (RMHS)

2013 - Kelsey Alexander (RMHS) and Kincaid Hoffman (FRHS)

2014 - Sarah Dannettell (FRHS) and Cody Limmer (PHS)

2015 - Berkley Calapp (FRHS), Courtney Robbins (RMHS)and Makenzie Bryner (PHS)

2016 - Haley Donaldson (FRHS), Maria Ostapovich (FRHS), Coby Dolgin (RMHS), Nolan Huey (FRHS), Analise Iwanski (RMHS), Zachary Ogg (PHS) and Taylor Phebus (RMHS)