CHAMP is proud to sponsor and help launch the 1st annual:

Poudre School District Athletic Department

Coaches Character Development Day

We are excited and honored that in 2017 we were able to help sponsor and coordinate the first annual Poudre School District Coaches Character Development Day. This event was a collaboration between CHAMP and Russ McKinstry, the District Athletic Director for Poudre School District, as well as Lori Willadsen, the District Athletic Administrative Assistant. 

Poudre School District has over 400 coaches at the middle school and high school level and CHAMP recognizes that this is the single largest group of coaches we can work to support, honor and impact. It has always been a goal of CHAMP to help support the district in bringing the message of character development to these coaches, as they can have a huge impact on the youth of our community.

We are grateful to Mr. Paul Ressa, The head football coach and athletic director for Newman Smith High School in Dallas Texas, and also a speaker with Coaches of Excellence, for coming to Fort Collins and delivering a strong message on how the schools and coaches in our district can build a powerful culture of character within their building and organization. 

We had over 200 coaches in attendance at this years event and look forward to seeing the impact this will have over the coming year in the schools in Poudre School District. 

We look forward to making this an annual event, and CHAMP looks forward to supporting and partnering with Poudre School District to make PSD a model for how a character focus in athletics can have a powerful impact on our kids and community.