Waren Morrow - lesher middle school

Waren Morrow - lesher middle school

The CHAMP Board of Directors formed a new initiative, or plan of action in 2016.  This initiative focuses on the specified character development needs of an organization or school.  Three different athletic entities decided to develop a character development program with the fostering of CHAMP. Those 3 initial organizations were Lesher Middle School, Lincoln Middle School, and Fort Collins Vipers Youth Lacrosse.  CHAMP recognizes the leadership of Lesher Middle School Principal Tom Dodd and Assistant Principal/Athletic Director Warren Morrow, Lincoln Middle School Principal Penny Stires and Athletic Director Tony Garcia, as well as Viper’s board members, Mr. Pete Kelly and Mr. Aaron Horwitz, and recognizes each for their outstanding motivation to build a refined commitment and partnership with CHAMP. 

Each organization chose to expand their Character Development Program with the help of CHAMP.  CHAMP and these three organizations have built a model partnership which has become to be known as a “CHAMP Organization or School of Character”.

The following is a brief description of how CHAMP and each organization worked together during 2016.

First, while partnering with Positive Coaching Alliance, CHAMP provided 2 separate character training sessions for the organization’s coaches and parents.  The coaches training is titled “Double Goal Coach”, while the parent’s training is titled “Second Goal Parent”. These sessions are designed to address both coaches and parents in how they can create a stronger culture of character in athletics.

Secondly, CHAMP worked directly with the coaches and athletic director in helping each athletic team design and implement Character Development Plans. A Character Development Plan defines how a coach and team exhibits character traits throughout their season and specifically documents what the individuals and team did to focus on character during the season

Thirdly, CHAMP further encourages each organization’s efforts by providing public recognition to outstanding character student athletes on each of their teams. CHAMP will recognize specific teams that complete a season of specified character development, known as a STAR award.  In addition, CHAMP will continue to recognize specific student athletes who exemplify character throughout their season, commonly known as a Character Athlete Award.

Finally, CHAMP fully recognizes the unique individual culture that each organization engenders, however, CHAMP is extremely excited to recognize, honor, and reward each of the teams that design, implement, document, and submit a completed Character Development Plan at any public event of their choosing, whether it be a school announcement, a school assembly, or a team banquet.

CHAMP hopes to carefully develop this concept of excellence to many more schools or athletic organizations of Northern Colorado in the future. 

If your school or athletic organization wants to form this partnership, please contact our Program Director, Korin LaPlante, champ.fortcollins@gmail.com.