The Sonny Lubick Coach of Character Award

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Recognizing Coaches of Character

To reinforce the role of the coach in an athletic based character initiative, CHAMP recognizes Coaches of Character in the community. These coaches are those that have demonstrated in their coaching performance, on a sustained basis, the belief in character as integral to athletic success. Additionally, it is the intent of CHAMP to establish a CHAMP Coaches Hall of Fame, designed to recognize retired coaches in our community who committed themselves to teaching and demonstrating a high character standard throughout their coaching careers. The Sonny Lubick Coach of Character Award, commissioned in 2008, is the cornerstone CHAMP recognition program to acknowledge those coaches who have lived out the CHAMP mission.

Sonny Lubick Coach of Character Award Nomination Process

The Sonny Lubick Coach of Character Award is presented annually at the Breakfast of CHAMPions to one outstanding coach in the Fort Collins community who focuses on character development while teaching life lessons through sports. This coach has rejected the “win-at-all” model and is centered on helping players develop positive character traits that will enable them to be successful in life. Furthermore, this coach has helped to build a legacy of sportsmanship and character in athletics in the greater Fort Collins community. In order for a coach to be eligible for this award, the individual must meet two criteria:

  1. They must have 10 years of coaching experience in Northern Colorado
  2. They must have or are coaching school, club or recreations sports for ages 18 and under

Sonny Lubick, the legendary former CSU football coach, is the namesake of the award and received the first award at the CHAMP Breakfast of CHAMPions in 2008. Sonny is considered a role-model for requiring character from his players and also encouraging the development of character traits through his personal example and interactions with his players.