We are grateful to hear from those in our community who have benefited from CHAMP. We love hearing from you!

“I am very fortunate to have had an outstanding high school coach. He ran a character based program that taught me to always prioritize good character first. These character lessons have been fundamental to my success off the playing field and have stayed with me through my entire life.”

Tom Livingston, Livingston Real Estate and Development


“The CHAMP Program has helped us strive for greatness and provided our team with a quality standard of what it means to have true character in athletics.”

2008 CHAMP Elite Team coach


“I’m very pleased with how the CHAMP program has influenced our basketball team. As a coach, I believe that class, hard work, sportsmanship, and teamwork are the most important qualities in a successful team. I can honestly say that no matter how many wins and losses end up on the scoreboard at the end of the season, our true victory comes from being content in knowing that we have developed and will maintain our character both on and off the court. Our team has learned that character is the single most important aspect in measuring success. The CHAMP program has helped us strive for greatness and provided out team with a quality standard of what it means to have true character in athletics.”

Champ Middle School Coach


“As an official, it’s important that I see athletes who play with a positive attitude towards other teams, their teammates and officials and coaches. I’ve watched this team play a number of times. All the players do an exceptional job of not only exuding good sportsmanship when winning, but also when down in the score!”

Local Sports Official that referee’s softball games


“It’s no secret that many of the schools in the state and nation have been plagued with an attitude that has students, schools, and even some (shall I say it?) Parents more concerned about themselves and how good they look than what type of person their child will be. This attitude does not just exist in the sports programs but also in academics, politics and the social network. No wonder the schools have been having problems. The fact of the matter, is that we were close to dismissing one of the most important services that our schools have helped families develop; the positive character in their child. That is why I was so happy to hear about the CHAMP Commission and how this Program is being utilized in the schools.”

Fort Collins Soccer Mom