CHAMP is our future...

Why does CHAMP and our mission matter? It matters because we are working to make a positive impact on those in our community who participate in youth sports. There are thousands of children who play sports in our community, and these children represent what the future of our community will become. These young student athletes will go on to be moms and dads, teachers and business leaders, firefighters and nurses. For some they will take on an even greater role in the leadership of our community of Fort Collins, our great State of Colorado, and even for some our Nation.

CHAMP was created because a group of insightful community leaders saw the need to bring the element of character to the forefront in Fort Collins. They saw that this would be a way to make a positive change in our community on a grassroots level, and over time transform our culture using athletics as the platform to deliver this message.

We are grateful to our founders and are proud to say that we have now been delivering on this mission for over a decade. We have come a long way from our creation and we are excited about what the next decade will hold for us, and all those we hope to impact.

We have chosen to focus our efforts on working with youth coaches, athletes and the parents of our youth athletes.  We feel that we can make the most impact by coaching our coaches to be coaches of character, and also in helping them develop a plan to teach character to their student athletes. We want to honor those athletes who exemplify what being an athlete of character is all about. We want to help educate our parents on how to be supportive of our mission and the coaches and officials who are dedicating themselves to our young athletes.

We are grateful to all who have supported us over the years and look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come. We will continue our work to make a real difference in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado. 

CHAMP is a critical part of all of our future, and we feel that together we can make a positive difference in both who we are today, and what we will be tomorrow.